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When it comes to top-of-the-line roofs, Total Construction Services Omaha roofing contractors install the best. Since 2001, DaVinci has produced award-winning polymer roofing products designed to match the look of slate or wood shingles. Their custom state-of-the-art polymer technology is designed for both its durability and its looks, creating beautiful and durable composite roofing tiles.

As part of a recent home renovation project, Total Construction Services Omaha roofing contractors installed DaVinci tiles to complete the homeowners’ vision.

Total Construction Services
Total Construction Services on the scene of a recent remodel and roofing project.

To learn more about DaVinci tiles, contact Omaha’s roofing experts – Total Construction Services.

What Happens in Vegas Shouldn’t Stay In Vegas

Total Construction Services of Omaha is proud to share with the industry our latest accomplishment. Kevin Jackson and Mitch Stringer recently attended a three day educational and accreditation seminar held in Las Vegas, where both received their HAAG Commercial Roof Inspector Certification.

This level of recognition puts Total Construction Services into a class of Roof Damage Assessment inspectors in Omaha, that only a select number of professionals in the US can claim.

To pre-qualify for this HCI-C exam, companies are required to have:
• Minimum 50 Commercial Roof Inspections in the past 10 years
• Current HAAG Residential Inspector certification
• At least 3 years commercial property field adjuster experience

At Total Construction Services, we believe that education, training, and certification set us apart in the Omaha Roofing industry. Let us help you on your next project.

Why adjusters call on Omaha’s Total Construction

Home damage happens. But when the storm season hits, insurance claims skyrocket. That’s why adjusters—amidst the frenzy of trying to handle case after case with unflinching accuracy and best practice—need a go-to Omaha contractor who’s equally reliable. Here are three reasons why many major insurance companies choose us and entrust us to uphold their great reputations.

1) On-site expertise.

With over 25 years serving our Omaha community, adjusters and homeowners have come to trust the Total Construction name. That’s why adjusters call us first for a ladder assist. When roofing is a touch too unstable, too steep, or otherwise troublesome, insurance companies rely on Total Construction to safely and efficiently evaluate any damage. Not only do we assist with on-site inspections in Omaha, we have an in-house insurance division that works directly with adjusters, often serving as a liaison between adjuster and customer. We’ll ensure the most accurate estimates, prevent any discrepancies between parties and make the process far simpler—and more accurate—for everyone.

2) HAAG Certification

All of Total Construction Services inspectors are HAAG-Certified. This might be jargon to most folks, but your insurance agent looks for this certification and so should you.

HAAG Certification ensures that contractors are a true authority when it comes to storm damage, especially when it comes to damage to your Omaha home’s roofing. Inspectors with certification can quickly and accurately inspect for damage and can evaluate appropriately. More important—these conclusions have true credibility. HAAG Certification is more than just experience. It’s the right kind of experience.

3) Award-winning service.

In addition to multiple awards, distinctions and customer testimonials for our work, Total Construction has also won the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award—twice. Amidst a vast choice of construction contractors and Omaha roofing contractors, we don’t just bring the promise of good work. We bring proof.

Insurance companies can’t afford to waste their time on subpar contractors and roofing companies. At Total Construction, we not only understand that, we’ve worked hard to demonstrate it for two decades.

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Ice Damming Causes Roof Damage in Omaha

After the latest bombardment of snow storms, many households throughout the Omaha area had to deal with ice damming. Those nasty icicles, and the inches of snow that create them, can seriously challenge your roofing installation. After the snow melts, it is important to inspect your Omaha roof for damage.

Often times, these storms shed light on poorly installed skylights. After the melt, check the skylights for signs of leaking. Improper insulation, bad installation, as well as other factors, play a role in leaking and should be addressed immediately.

It is also important to inspect your roofing for warping. Warping indicates that the wood underneath the shingles may be compromised, creating a serious issue. Peeling, or bubbling, shingles are another sign that your roofing need attention.

If you think your roof has some damage, call your insurance provider to have the roof inspected. Total Construction Services in Omaha can inspect your roof as well. Our HAAG certified inspectors are a trusted source for insurance agents. We can diagnosis damage and provide a course of action to help protect your home.

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