Is your roof system in poor health?

We all rely on our roofing system to keep our homes dry and direct rain and snow safely away. All of us wish our roofs can last forever, however we all must realize that all roofs degrade over time. With the often-intense weather we see in Omaha, weaknesses in your Omaha home’s roofing system may begin to show. After a heavy rain storm here are a few items to keep an eye on.

Are your shingles loosing ‘pebbles’?

The granules that adhere to asphalt shingles break down over time, eventually losing their sticking power, and can wash off in rain. Check near the end of your downspouts for little stone looking pieces. These little granules can often be seen in the sediment in your gutters. If you see more than a handful of granules, it may be time to have your roof inspected.

Speaking of gutters…

Just about all homeowners know they need to be better at cleaning their gutters. Your gutters should not be overflowing in a heavy rain. If they are, your gutters need to be inspected. Get up on a ladder and see if you have debris stuck, or if your gutters are pulling off the fascia. There should never be a gap between the edge of your roof and your gutters. Any gaps or overflow have the potential to damage your siding, or cause water to sit too close to your home.

Check your basement for signs of water!

When your gutters are working properly, you should never see signs of water in your basement. If the water is not being move away from your house, you should check to make sure your downspouts are attached properly. Water next to your foundation can cause a ton of problems, including the growth of mold.

Total Construction Services has HAAG certified inspectors in Omaha who are able come out and help diagnose any issues with your roofing. We also are mold remediation specialists, ready to treat and prevent mold problems in your home.

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Seek Omaha Contracting Experts for a Beautiful and Safe Home Remodel

The economy is in better shape and confidence is returning. This can be seen in neighborhoods nationwide, and especially in Omaha, where more dumpsters are visible in front of homes as remodels are on the upswing once again. So yes, it’s a fantastic time to think about that sensational Omaha home remodel you’ve been dreaming about, including new roofing—as long as you think safety first.

Lead and asbestos and mold, oh my.

While remodels are always exciting, it’s important to protect your family and children first by hiring a qualified Omaha contractor and roofing expert. Why? Because only the best-trained technicians have the experience and equipment necessary to handle the dangerous materials that can sometimes be jarred loose during a remodel—especially in older homes. Examples may include:


There are numerous sources of lead in our environment. It doesn’t decompose or rot, so it stays in place for a long time. The major source of lead is from lead contaminated dust—most of which comes from old paint. It can also exist on walls, woodwork, siding, doors, windows and lead plumbing pipes. This poses a more serious risk for children than adults—a risk that you’ll eliminate when you choose the right Omaha residential remodeler who knows how to completely eradicate traces of lead or dust.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Assume that your home, if it’s older, contains asbestos in the walls and insulation. The only way to be perfectly certain, however, is to have it analyzed by specialists. The right Omaha remodeling team will bring this necessary skill to the job to keep you protected from hazards.


Moisture and housing materials, when combined, often create mold. This can become airborne and pose a respiratory threat. But again, in 2015, the right professionals are equipped to handle this in its entirety.

Safe is beautiful.

In the hands of top remodeling professionals, the results for your home will not only be outstanding, but more importantly, thorough. A good remodel goes beneath the surface and does the job correctly, right down to your Omaha home’s underlying infrastructure. When remodeled by experts, you can rest assured that every square foot of your home, including roofing, will look spectacular—and be even safer than it was before the remodel. And that’s a win-win for any homeowner.

Whether you’re looking for top technicians or roofing experts for the job—or your seeking a career in this rewarding field at an award-winning company—contact the experts at Omaha’s Total Construction today.

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Flooded basement? Water damage? What to do.

If you’re experiencing a flooded basement or intrusive water of any sort, you’re not alone. It can happen for any variety of reasons—whether it’s torrential downpours, broken gutters, leaky windows, foundational damage, burst pipes or countless other issues. Here are just a few pieces of information that can help you get back to normal.

Don’t underestimate water damage.

While you can address minor cases of water damage yourself, unwanted water often requires professional attention. Standing water is among the most obvious and extreme cases of a water damage emergency, which can pose an electrical shock hazard if you set foot in it. Steer clear of standing water and, in this case, call a water damage professional—namely, a qualified construction contractor. Why? Because they’ll not only absolve your water damage issues with the proper equipment and experience, but they’ll do it safely while locating the exact sources of the issue.

That’s not all. They can also help identify any threats of mold or mildew—a potential health and respiratory hazard—and inform you how to best prevent leaks in the future. Remember: merely removing water is addressing the issue on a surface level. Nothing beats a professional when it comes to thoroughly restoring your home to normal.

Don’t just make an insurance claim—make inquiries.

When you talk to your insurance provider, ask them about a list of preferred vendors. This can help weed out subpar contractors and ensure you’re receiving a premium list of professionals. Also, ask for contractors who carry an in-house insurance claims division, which can hasten the process and ensure that you’re receiving the most reasonable rates.

Don’t worry.

Water damage happens all the time—especially during years with higher rain volumes. By knowing how to ask the right questions and how to search for the best contractor, you’ll replace your anxieties with answers.

For professional water damage repair or mold remediation, you can always call the experts serving the Omaha Metro and beyond since 1987.

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Is there mold in your household? Telltale signs and what to do.

While mold is especially prevalent in homes during the stormy season—and often dangerous to human health—it’s also a solution easily fixed once the problem is identified. The following are a few quick tips to recognize mold and rid of it fast.

Bodily symptoms. If you’re suffering from allergies, there’s a chance mold is growing somewhere in your home. Whether you’re experiencing sore eyes, sneezing, runny nose or most of all, a spike in your allergies while you’re at home, it’s time to call a mold remediation expert.

Visible signs. While most people can spot mold with their eyes, they can just as easily overlook it, too. Don’t just ignore small growths that may appear as harmless marks of soot or dirt. This could be a sign of a mold growth in your infrastructure and it’s important to take action immediately. Also take note of any discoloration on walls, ceilings and floors, which could hint that mold is dwelling underneath.

Suspicious odor. You know that musty smell that you associate with mold? Well, if you detect it, it’s probably a positive indicator. Don’t dismiss it.

Water problems. With our especially torrential rain season this year running through September, always remember that water is the mother of mold. If you’ve had water problems in the house—whether recently or with past leaks or floods—it’s a fairly good sign you could have mold. Even internal house leaks caused by faulty pipes, for example, oftentimes lead to mold. It’s simple. When water dwells in the house where it should not, so can mold.

What to do next.

If you have mold, it’s time to get bold. Contact a mold remediation expert immediately—even if you’re uncertain. They can help to better detect mold, utilize the right equipment for the job, and remove it fast so your home is restored to a clean bill of health.

For professional mold remediation or water damage repair, you can always call the experts serving the Omaha Metro and beyond since 1987.

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Basement flooding and mold: what you should know.

Given this season’s torrential rains, a majority of homeowners in the Midwest have experienced water in their basements—which also leads to a buildup of mold resulting from the moisture. Thankfully there’s no reason to be concerned if you know what to do. Whether you have obvious sightings of mold or you’re unsure and need a proper assessment, here are a few pieces of wisdom that will help you get back to normal—quickly.

Consult a water damage and mold remediation professional.

Mold is a notoriously resilient, airborne-prone fungus. That’s why it’s important to never disturb any mold growth visible on your home’s infrastructure, and never trust any DIY mold removal kits on the market, which often prove ineffective. In these cases, a professional is best instead of trying to tackle it yourself—namely, a full-service construction contractor who has experience with household mold and water damage repair.

An experienced professional will ensure you receive thorough mold remediation, from a knowledgeable expert that knows how to detect the presence of mold throughout your home and eradicate it using the proper equipment.

Above all, the best option is prevention.

Even if you’re unsure whether you have mold, or your home seems unaffected by this season’s downpours, remember: a professional can also offer a thorough inspection and preventive consultation to ensure that your home is free of unwarranted moisture. A mold-free home is a healthy one.

Unexpected water or mold in the home can lead to further problems. But thankfully, it’s also one of the fastest and easiest issues to alleviate in the hands of proper professionals.

For mold remediation and repair across Omaha, Papillion, La Vista and Bellevue, you can always call the experts serving the Metro since 1987.

Out with the mold, in with the new!

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Attention Midwest: Pipe or water damage from the cold? What to do.

A burst pipe can happen to anyone in the cold months. Be prepared!

Total Construction is ramping up efforts to be available region-wide for any homes or businesses that need emergency repair, restoration or any expert assistance from a qualified construction contractor. If your infrastructure has been hit by the cold, fret not. We can help.

We’ll get your home back to normal—fast.

We understand that the damage doesn’t stop once the pipes are repaired. Water damage has a way of escalating into greater problems and fast becoming an eyesore. Our team has addressed water issues countless times and knows how to quickly, seamlessly restore your space to its original condition. No matter what type of damage you’ve incurred, call us and we can provide the answers you need.

We’ll work with insurance.

Our insurance claims department can work directly with your insurance providers and adjustors to make the process faster and far simpler. We remove confusion from the process and ensure numbers are more exact—instead of excessive.

We’re trusted across the Midwest.

No matter how urgent or casual a damage situation, a certified construction contractor is crucial to ensure the job is done right. Total Construction received the Better Business Bureau Integrity award in 2010 among many other distinctions, and we continue to receive real testimonials from satisfied customers.

Right now, the bitter cold is working hard to disrupt homeowners.

Thankfully, we’re working harder and swiftly dispatching teams across the Midwest. Remember, when disaster strikes, always get two estimates—and make sure one is from Total Construction.

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Mold problem? Don’t Wait. Seek a Professional Solution.

Mold can happen anywhere in your home—just add water. With nearly 100,000 varieties, it’s no wonder homeowners might find it colonizing on wallboards, in vents, behind air conditioning units, around windows and roofs that leak, or under any carpeting that may have become wet. But when treated effectively, this notoriously resilient, airborne-prone fungus can be eradicated, and your home can be quickly restored to clean air, clean walls and even a cleaner bill of health for your lungs.

What causes mold?

Any damage to your home where moisture has infiltrated can lead to mold. Think of it like this: Plants only need moisture and sunlight, and mold only needs moisture and cellulose—a substance commonly found in many building materials. Obviously, wetter seasons of the year see greater occurrences of mold.

Is mold threatening?

Not always—certain molds help to age cheese to perfection—but the types of mold that grow within your home pose a risk and should not be taken lightly. If you spot any blemishes or large patches that are usually darker green to blackish in color, contact a mold remediation professional immediately to get an assessment. It’s also important to never disturb any mold growth visible on your home’s infrastructure, and never trust any DIY mold removal kits on the market, which often prove ineffective. Mold contains spores that can go airborne and, in some cases, cause respiratory health problems for a building’s residents. That’s why it’s important to address it right.

The best option is prevention.

A certified, independent contractor is usually your best bet for not just mold remediation, but also inspection and prevention before it happens. With water being a main ingredient for mold to occur, it’s smart to hire a water damage expert to provide the repairs or preventive consultation needed to help keep your home at its healthiest.

For professional remediation and repair across Omaha, Papillion, La Vista and Bellevue, you can always call the experts serving the Metro since 1987.

Out with the mold, in with the new!

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