Youth Sponsorship- Daniel Holm

Daniel Holms, his friend, and his mother Mary McHale pictured with Total Construction project estimator Jeff Muench


Total Construction Services has awarded 5 youth in the Omaha area with a $500 sponsorship in the activity of their choice, whether it be a sport or a camp. This is our way of giving back to the community that has given us so much since we opened in 1987.

Daniel Holm is one of the sponsored children. Daniel is 19 years old and has Down syndrome and a hearing impairment and has attended Camp Munroe, a recreational program that is offered by the Munroe Meyer Institute at the UNMC campus, since he was 3 years old. Camp Munroe is for individuals with developmental disabilities ages 3-21. This program is the only one in the city of Omaha that offers recreational opportunities with trained staff and volunteers along with their typical peers. The sponsorship money will go to pay for Daniel’s attendance at Camp Munroe.

Total Construction’s Youth Sponsorship Program is just another way that we are giving back to the community and the people who are a part of it. We hope to continue this going forward.

Meet Matt Yankus

As one of the newest members of our team, Matt Yankus is excited to bring his experience and dedication to each project he tackles.

Matt is a local Omaha guy, whose interest in construction started at an early age. As a kid, with his woodworking father, Matt built a tree house in the yard and his interest blossomed from there. He furthered his interest in buildings by joining the engineering team at Gross High school. After graduating, Matt attended University of Nebraska Omaha, earning a degree in Construction Management with a minor in Business.

His education put him on a path which opened doors to the commercial building construction industry. This experience allowed the opportunity to participate in projects for healthcare facilities and national brands, such as McDonalds and Gordmans. He currently is HAAG certified, is EPA lead abatement certified, and is a member of the Member of the Associated General Contractors of America.

Matt currently helps us with both residential and commercial projects in Omaha, including roofing,remodeling and restoration. He embodies our values of customer service.

Total: Matt, what do you like best about working for Total Construction Services?

Matt: I really enjoy the opportunity to meet with homeowners to discuss plans, implement ideas, and solve the needs of our customers. With a background in commercial contracting, I didn’t always have the opportunities to do think creatively about projects.

Total: We really appreciate that you, as a project manager, are willing to throw on the tool belt to help meet deadlines. When people consider Total Construction Services in Omaha, what can they expect?

Matt: Well, we aren’t a typical construction company. We are genuine, and consider all options for your Omaha home’s roofing, remodeling and restoration. We help look at the best options with our customers and discuss cost and outcome. We can literally do any project for a customer. “Total” really applies to any and all projects we do.

We want to thank Matt for taking the time to share his thoughts. Feel free to ask for him by name for your next project. Contact Total Construction Services today.

Roofing Omaha: a modern fashion movement in home remodeling

Omaha home remodeling projects are fast on the rise in 2015. Why? Besides the obvious answer of an economy that’s on the upswing, another major reason is that remodeling now has more options than ever, thanks to current technology—helping Omaha homeowners realize many different ways to modernize their homes.

More than ever, that means roofing. In fact, there’s a word you may soon hear floating around the market: roofscapes.

Roofing has evolved—big time. They’ve come an impressively long ways. They’re far more than a bland top covering as they were in the past. Today, they’re becoming increasingly customized to each homeowner’s needs, the way their smart phones have customized protective skins. One could say that roofs are now perceived as personalized crowns that rest atop a home.

Choosing a roof is now exciting.

Color. Materials. Shake roofs. Modern alternative roofs that include concrete slate-type shingles and polymer plastic shingles with unmatched longevity and insurance benefits. With all of today’s options to consider, choosing roofing for you Omaha home is now just as exciting as finding that amazing kitchen tile, bathroom tile, or anything else that adds life to a home while matching it perfectly. Roofs are no longer just an obligation; they’re an opportunity. It’s becoming a popular mindset: why not show off what’s on top while building my home’s equity?

Where to start? Talk to a contractor.

A good Omaha roofing contractor can help you with first steps and provide further education. You’ll not only find a solid warranty, but also locate the best-looking, yet best-protecting, materials retain their beauty against the harshest weather. On top of that, you can also find out about insurance benefits or any tax credits that may apply to your new roof.

In the roofing arena, function and fashion are working together more than ever. Things are looking “up”—and now’s a great time to take advantage for your Omaha home

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What Happens in Vegas Shouldn’t Stay In Vegas

Total Construction Services of Omaha is proud to share with the industry our latest accomplishment. Kevin Jackson and Mitch Stringer recently attended a three day educational and accreditation seminar held in Las Vegas, where both received their HAAG Commercial Roof Inspector Certification.

This level of recognition puts Total Construction Services into a class of Roof Damage Assessment inspectors in Omaha, that only a select number of professionals in the US can claim.

To pre-qualify for this HCI-C exam, companies are required to have:
• Minimum 50 Commercial Roof Inspections in the past 10 years
• Current HAAG Residential Inspector certification
• At least 3 years commercial property field adjuster experience

At Total Construction Services, we believe that education, training, and certification set us apart in the Omaha Roofing industry. Let us help you on your next project.

The surprise storms that shook eastern Nebraska—and the aftermath

It caused millions of dollars in damage. It leveled nearly half a town’s homes and businesses—including a whole school and a church—and caused grief and suffering for many Nebraskans. It even led federal warning coordination meteorologist, Greg Carbin, to coin the phrase “Nebraska Nasty”.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the June weather of 2014—with its wildly destructive hailstorms and tornadoes—placed our state on the list of the nation’s most remarkable weather of 2014. It’s a distinction that is as tragic as it is unexaggerated. After all, four EF4 tornadoes occurred in Nebraska in one day. Much of the town of Pilger, NE, was leveled by tornadoes, while other towns, such as Blair, were pummeled by softball-sized hailstones being hurled by winds up to 90 mph.

It’s a disaster still being felt by many nearly eight months later.

But thankfully, progress is returning. A growing number of Pilger’s 73 homes that were destroyed are now being rebuilt, and Blair’s once 550 building permits have skyrocketed to nearly 5,000.

For towns like Pilger and Blair, top-level contractors are more necessary than ever. And that’s why Total Construction is once again on the scene, working closely with insurance companies and homeowners alike to provide solutions and the peace of mind that comes from experience.

When storms hit, we act.

Total Construction Services carries a strong history of expert repair amidst the worst storm damages suffered by Nebraska homeowners. Just as we’ve been widely present in the wake of last year’s terrible streak of storms, we’re also equipped for whatever 2015 can deliver—and ready to combat the Midwest’s unruly storms with decades of hardened Nebraska experience.

We know construction—and insurance.

With an In-House Insurance Claims Center, Total Construction works with adjustors from several insurance companies year-round. We can expertly address every need and concern—down to the slightest detail—with a strong local knowledge of the best materials and best practices to do repairs right the first time. Our job is to make the process seamless between adjustor and homeowner, leaving both parties satisfied.

Nobody wants disaster to strike. But when it does, we’re here to help with our comprehensive approach to service that has twice earned us the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award. We can help you restore the calm after the storm.

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Total Construction receives 2014 Better Bureau Integrity Award

Marking the second time they’ve receive such a prestigious honor, Total Construction is pleased to accept the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award for 2014. The award—ultimately determined by customers, employees, vendors and the community at large—reflects a remarkably high satisfaction rating across several categories.

Kevin Jackson accepts the 2014 BBB Integrity Award

For a business to earn BBB accreditation alone, it must:

  • Build Trust
  • Advertise Honestly
  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Transparent
  • Honor Promises
  • Be Responsive
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Embody Integrity

While many local companies demonstrate a record of quality and receive accreditation from the BBB, only a select few receive the Integrity Award.

Total Construction has provided roofing, remodeling and restoration services to home and business owners in the Metro and beyond since 1989. Those interested can read customer testimonials or learn more about the Nebraska Better Business Bureau.

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Storm damage? Avoid a waiting list.

If hail or high winds have affected your property, don’t fret—expert repair services are available to you at a minimal wait. Total Construction is operating at fuller strength than ever to address this season’s first wave of major storms. From handling homeowner’s claims across Omaha, to claims across the Midwest including the aftermath in Red Oak, Iowa, our company carries the proven capacity and experience necessary to get you back to normal fast—wherever you live, whenever a storm hits.

Want efficiency? Seek experience first.

To ensure that we can serve you quickly—and complete the job thoroughly—our fleet operates in conjunction with our in-house insurance claims center and veteran estimators. It’s a one-two punch of experience that can expertly address both your property needs and all paperwork that arises. We’re also affiliated with a network of top third party roofers in the nation, giving us greater experience handling emergency situations and providing faster—yet finer—repairs to each home we serve. We can eliminate the obstacles that often cause delays or discrepancies in the repair process. It’s a part of our skillset.

Want more proof? Seek awards.

Total Construction has been serving Omaha and surrounding areas for 27 years. In that time, we’ve been awarded the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award and been honored as a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor—a feat that only 3% of North America’s roofing contractors have ever achieved. Add that to a list of satisfied customer testimonials that continues to grow.

When a storm hits, it’s our duty to inform you that better options are available. Because we’ve seen the grief a damaged home can cause—but moreover, seen the joy when a home is well repaired, on time.

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Times are changing: Important information about your roof in 2014.

2014 marks new changes in the roofing industry.

As winter recedes and gives way to the storm and hail season, it’s also important to be aware of some other changes that could affect your roof. From insurance changes, to emergent roofing scams, to valuable information on securing a better roof for your home, the following tips will help you protect your finances while protecting the longevity of your home.

It’s time to double-check your home’s insurance policy.

If you live where hail happens most often—the Midwest being a prime example—a shorter lifespan on a roof is more likely. Insurance companies are aware of this and while most offer good comprehensive service, some are looking to cut their losses by limiting your roof coverage. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, hail-related claims increased 84% between 2010 and 2012.

Look for these changes in your renewal policy:

  • Refusal to cover roofs over a certain age (like 10 years)
  • Adding a separate hail deductible that’s subtracted from what you’re paid on a hail claim
  • Excluding cosmetic damage like dents in metal roofs, siding, or copper trim
  • Roof inspections that note the condition and age of your roof before issuing a policy
  • Not covering roofs made from obsolete shingles (thus making it difficult to buy replacement shingles)
  • Doing partial roof repairs instead of replacing your whole roof (possibly leaving you with a patch that’s a different color than your original roof)

Also, as another note of caution, be weary of insurers paying actual cash value rather than replacement value for roof damage. This means insurance will discount your roof claim based on how old your roof is—leaving you with a lower claims payment and a higher-dollar roof replacement bill. A great way to find out if this applies to you? Read the declaration page of your policy—or simply call your insurance agent.

Get wise to reduce vulnerability to hail—and scammers.

If you live in areas prone to hail, your roof will likely need to be replaced every seven to 10 years compared with every 20 years in less stormy areas. That’s why it’s good to educate yourself with a few tips when you choose materials to upgrade, repair, or replace your home’s exterior components. For example, look for roofing materials rated by UL 2218 or FM 4473 as class 3 or 4. It’s like a code that says they’re proven to withstand hailstorms. Choose materials rated for the wind speed in your area. You can even ask your insurance agent if you qualify for a homeowners insurance discount for using storm-resistant building materials. But above all, use an experienced contractor (ideally one who has an insurance claims division to make the process smoother) who can properly install a roof to withstand high winds.

But it’s not just hail that can damage your roof; it’s also fraud. Be skeptical of any roofers who show up after a hailstorm offering to check your roof for damage. Once they’re up there, they may further damage your roof, or worsen what the storm did, then offer to make repairs. The best way to protect yourself? Only allow reliable, experienced, licensed contractors to examine your roof—who are even more credible if they’ve won local awards. Don’t respond to offers claiming you can get a “free” roof (the scammers are assuming your insurance will pay for it), and make sure anyone you hire to repair your roof uses proper storm-resistant materials.

Have more questions or just need some simple answers? Call the roofing experts serving the Midwest since 1987.

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Total Construction achieves rare Master Elite Status among Roofing Contractors

In a feat that only 3% of North America’s roofing contractors have ever achieved, Total Construction has been named as a Master Elite Weather Stopper® Roofing Contractor for GAF—the largest roofing manufacturer in North America.

This status is awarded to contractors who demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards in sales, services and installation to ensure that each customer receives the best and safest choice in roofing.

To become factory-certified as GAF Master Elite, a roofing contractor must also show that they are:

  • Properly Licensed by their state to perform roofing work
  • Adequately Insured for customer protection
  • Have a Proven Reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout the community
  • Committed to Ongoing Professional Training to ensure quality installation

While Total Construction is honored to receive such a high badge from such a successful and reputable company, we hope this is an indication of our constant goal to work seamlessly with all parties with whom we do business—from listening to the needs of each customer, to communicating with their insurance, to dealing with the finest vendors and product available on the market.


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Total Construction continues to reward $100 for successful customer referrals

Total Construction Referral RewardsAs part of our Referral Reward program, and as a way of saying thanks after serving the Metro since 1987, Total Construction is rewarding people $100 if they refer someone to our company who then uses our services—whether it’s roof replacement, repair, restoration or remodeling, or any other Total Construction service.

Simply go to to refer someone to Total Construction and, if they qualify by doing business with us, we’ll send $100 your way. Not only will you receive a reward for each successful referral who works with us, but you can also rest assured that we’ll do the job right and make your references meaningful.

The referral reward program is just another way Total Construction is showing our appreciation for many great years of serving great people. Here’s to many more.

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