Beware of Companies Pretending to Be Total Construction Services Inc

Here at Total Construction Services Inc, we are proud of our reputation and our relationship we have with our customers.  You can imagine our surprise when we received a number of Better Business Bureau complaints about our business saying that we made appointments that we didn’t show up for, that you call us and we don’t answer back, we telemarket phones, etc.  These were not us at all!  We have found out that another marketing company is using our name and website as their own to solicit leads and sell them to other remodelers in the Omaha area.

This other telemarketing firm often calling themselves “Total Construction Marketing” is NOT affiliated with Total Construction Services, Inc in any way.  It has been reported that this company solicits setting an appointment for storm damage and they are often rude when given an “no” to their inquiry.  Their phone number is often non-traceable or non-valid if you try to call them back.

Total Construction Services, Inc’s landline phone number is (402) 572-7457 and we encourage you to call this number if you have been contacted by “Total Construction Marketing.”  Ask for Kevin, Mitch, or Patty as the main contacts at Total Construction Services Inc.

We are dedicated to our customers and the residents in the Omaha, NE area and we hate that these scammers are taking advantage of our reputation and good name.  Please let us know if this happening to you so that we can continue to build a case against this group and stop their scam.


The Total Construction Services Inc Team



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