Is your roof system in poor health?

We all rely on our roofing system to keep our homes dry and direct rain and snow safely away. All of us wish our roofs can last forever, however we all must realize that all roofs degrade over time. With the often-intense weather we see in Omaha, weaknesses in your Omaha home’s roofing system may begin to show. After a heavy rain storm here are a few items to keep an eye on.

Are your shingles loosing ‘pebbles’?

The granules that adhere to asphalt shingles break down over time, eventually losing their sticking power, and can wash off in rain. Check near the end of your downspouts for little stone looking pieces. These little granules can often be seen in the sediment in your gutters. If you see more than a handful of granules, it may be time to have your roof inspected.

Speaking of gutters…

Just about all homeowners know they need to be better at cleaning their gutters. Your gutters should not be overflowing in a heavy rain. If they are, your gutters need to be inspected. Get up on a ladder and see if you have debris stuck, or if your gutters are pulling off the fascia. There should never be a gap between the edge of your roof and your gutters. Any gaps or overflow have the potential to damage your siding, or cause water to sit too close to your home.

Check your basement for signs of water!

When your gutters are working properly, you should never see signs of water in your basement. If the water is not being move away from your house, you should check to make sure your downspouts are attached properly. Water next to your foundation can cause a ton of problems, including the growth of mold.

Total Construction Services has HAAG certified inspectors in Omaha who are able come out and help diagnose any issues with your roofing. We also are mold remediation specialists, ready to treat and prevent mold problems in your home.

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Meet Matt Yankus

As one of the newest members of our team, Matt Yankus is excited to bring his experience and dedication to each project he tackles.

Matt is a local Omaha guy, whose interest in construction started at an early age. As a kid, with his woodworking father, Matt built a tree house in the yard and his interest blossomed from there. He furthered his interest in buildings by joining the engineering team at Gross High school. After graduating, Matt attended University of Nebraska Omaha, earning a degree in Construction Management with a minor in Business.

His education put him on a path which opened doors to the commercial building construction industry. This experience allowed the opportunity to participate in projects for healthcare facilities and national brands, such as McDonalds and Gordmans. He currently is HAAG certified, is EPA lead abatement certified, and is a member of the Member of the Associated General Contractors of America.

Matt currently helps us with both residential and commercial projects in Omaha, including roofing,remodeling and restoration. He embodies our values of customer service.

Total: Matt, what do you like best about working for Total Construction Services?

Matt: I really enjoy the opportunity to meet with homeowners to discuss plans, implement ideas, and solve the needs of our customers. With a background in commercial contracting, I didn’t always have the opportunities to do think creatively about projects.

Total: We really appreciate that you, as a project manager, are willing to throw on the tool belt to help meet deadlines. When people consider Total Construction Services in Omaha, what can they expect?

Matt: Well, we aren’t a typical construction company. We are genuine, and consider all options for your Omaha home’s roofing, remodeling and restoration. We help look at the best options with our customers and discuss cost and outcome. We can literally do any project for a customer. “Total” really applies to any and all projects we do.

We want to thank Matt for taking the time to share his thoughts. Feel free to ask for him by name for your next project. Contact Total Construction Services today.

Roofing Omaha: a modern fashion movement in home remodeling

Omaha home remodeling projects are fast on the rise in 2015. Why? Besides the obvious answer of an economy that’s on the upswing, another major reason is that remodeling now has more options than ever, thanks to current technology—helping Omaha homeowners realize many different ways to modernize their homes.

More than ever, that means roofing. In fact, there’s a word you may soon hear floating around the market: roofscapes.

Roofing has evolved—big time. They’ve come an impressively long ways. They’re far more than a bland top covering as they were in the past. Today, they’re becoming increasingly customized to each homeowner’s needs, the way their smart phones have customized protective skins. One could say that roofs are now perceived as personalized crowns that rest atop a home.

Choosing a roof is now exciting.

Color. Materials. Shake roofs. Modern alternative roofs that include concrete slate-type shingles and polymer plastic shingles with unmatched longevity and insurance benefits. With all of today’s options to consider, choosing roofing for you Omaha home is now just as exciting as finding that amazing kitchen tile, bathroom tile, or anything else that adds life to a home while matching it perfectly. Roofs are no longer just an obligation; they’re an opportunity. It’s becoming a popular mindset: why not show off what’s on top while building my home’s equity?

Where to start? Talk to a contractor.

A good Omaha roofing contractor can help you with first steps and provide further education. You’ll not only find a solid warranty, but also locate the best-looking, yet best-protecting, materials retain their beauty against the harshest weather. On top of that, you can also find out about insurance benefits or any tax credits that may apply to your new roof.

In the roofing arena, function and fashion are working together more than ever. Things are looking “up”—and now’s a great time to take advantage for your Omaha home

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