Fire prevention tips for holiday homes

This season’s fluctuating highs and lows have caused an unusual rate of house fires in the metro and—amidst strands of decorative lights and power cords—now marks a good time to highlight some important safety tips. Here’s a quick list of precautions that will help you enjoy a safer holiday.

Treat outdoor lighting with respect.

Exterior lights often require more electricity and burn hotter than indoor lights. While many people are quick to use any extension cords they might have in storage, it’s crucial to use outdoor-approved extension cords and nothing else. LED lights also burn much cooler and more efficiently than the old-school incandescent bulbs, making them a smarter buy that lowers several risks. These are quick, easy fixes that should be heeded much like wearing a seatbelt.

Be aware of indoor hazards.

In the cold months, coziness is understandably a priority at home. Amidst the relaxation, remember to be mindful of where your heat sources are. Is your space heater at a distance of at least three feet from its surroundings? Is everything in your home—especially if you have a Christmas tree—safely distanced from the fireplace? Is all the lint removed from around your dryer? Is all of the tinsel, toys, wrapping and seasonal décor kept away from flame or heat? Did you switch off your electric blanket after using it? Also, despite its admitted use by homeowners, any fire department will tell you to never heat your home using an oven.

Wisely place and water your tree.

A high-moisture, well-watered tree is good. An under-watered tree can become dry, turning those lights wrapped around it into potential igniters. And if your tree is artificial, check your electrical connections and keep it away from flames or heat sources. And whether your tree is natural or otherwise, always remember to switch off those lights before bed.

Test your smoke alarms.

Now is a good time to ensure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Some fire departments offer smoke alarms free or at a reduced price. You can inquire about this by calling your fire department’s non-emergency number. And on that note, always make sure your home has a fire extinguisher in case of emergency.

We’ve seen—and repaired—every type of home disaster at Total Construction. So in addition to wishing you the warmest holiday season, we also wish you the safest. For additional household inquiries, you can always call our team of experts for more information. Stay turned for further safety tips after the holidays.

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The one amazing solution that benefits every home.

Every homeowner loves to think about the fun projects—décor, flooring, countertops and upgrades galore. But the one project that often goes overlooked—yet is equally exciting—is an increasingly popular method of spray foam insulation called Icynene.

Why is it exciting? For starters, it lowers your bills every month. But that’s not the only reason it attracts widespread attention. In a truly fascinating concept, Icynene is a substance that quickly expands once applied (think Bruce Banner growing into the Incredible Hulk) to seal every nook and cranny far better than traditional fiberglass insulation—instantly transforming the walls in your attic and other spaces into airtight, weatherproof shields. It not only works; it wows everyone who never realized this modern—daresay elegant—option was available.

In today’s lighter-yet-stronger world of technology, spray foam insulation is no different. Icynene is a simple, swift, inexpensive way to seal your home better than ever.

And that’s why it’s such a fast-growing trend for anyone who owns a home. After all, it’s an option far too smart—and too energy-efficient—to neglect.

The best way to apply this solution to your home and start reaping the benefits? Just call a local contractor who offers the service. They’ll know how to spot the energy “leaks” in your home, how to best apply spray insulation where needed, and how to best reduce your monthly costs and overall carbon footprint.

As a trusted local source for Icynene, Total Construction continues to offer the latest knowledge in insulation. There’s a reason we chose to offer Icynene in our array of services—and while we provide this excellent and proven method of spray foam insulation, most importantly, countless homeowners across the nation testify to its unparalleled quality. It’s remarkably safe, remarkably effective, and like any homeowner knows, when there’s a better solution to save money and save energy, you seize it.

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