The one amazing solution that benefits every home.

Every homeowner loves to think about the fun projects—décor, flooring, countertops and upgrades galore. But the one project that often goes overlooked—yet is equally exciting—is an increasingly popular method of spray foam insulation called Icynene.

Why is it exciting? For starters, it lowers your bills every month. But that’s not the only reason it attracts widespread attention. In a truly fascinating concept, Icynene is a substance that quickly expands once applied (think Bruce Banner growing into the Incredible Hulk) to seal every nook and cranny far better than traditional fiberglass insulation—instantly transforming the walls in your attic and other spaces into airtight, weatherproof shields. It not only works; it wows everyone who never realized this modern—daresay elegant—option was available.

In today’s lighter-yet-stronger world of technology, spray foam insulation is no different. Icynene is a simple, swift, inexpensive way to seal your home better than ever.

And that’s why it’s such a fast-growing trend for anyone who owns a home. After all, it’s an option far too smart—and too energy-efficient—to neglect.

The best way to apply this solution to your home and start reaping the benefits? Just call a local contractor who offers the service. They’ll know how to spot the energy “leaks” in your home, how to best apply spray insulation where needed, and how to best reduce your monthly costs and overall carbon footprint.

As a trusted local source for Icynene, Total Construction continues to offer the latest knowledge in insulation. There’s a reason we chose to offer Icynene in our array of services—and while we provide this excellent and proven method of spray foam insulation, most importantly, countless homeowners across the nation testify to its unparalleled quality. It’s remarkably safe, remarkably effective, and like any homeowner knows, when there’s a better solution to save money and save energy, you seize it.

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