The 3 R’s of Home Improvement Explained

Catchphrases and one-off statements abound in home improvement. These include three common and similar-sounding terms that can have very different meanings: “renovate,” “restore,” and “remodel.” Understanding these terms can help you determine the kind of contractor you really need for your project. Total Construction Services, an expert in home construction in Lincoln, NE, explains the differences.

Home remodeling

1. Renovate. This refers to updating a room or home to make it appear modern. This ranges from applying a new coat of paint to repairing or replacing basic components like electrical fixtures or plumbing. It doesn’t involve the extensive transformations usually found with remodels, or preserving historical accuracy that comes with restorations. This makes renovation easier than other home improvement projects.

There’s no guarantee, however, that every renovation will be easy. There is any number of issues that can come up while the project is ongoing. Be sure to choose a qualified professional for the job.

2. Restore. This term involves restoring the property to its original state, instead of improving on its condition. When you see work being done on a church, statehouse or any historically significant building, it’s almost certainly a restoration project. This isn’t limited to public buildings, however. Many people invest in this project when they’re aiming to bring back their home’s historical or architectural accuracy.

Historical homes feature exterior colors, trim and roofing in Omaha, NE, that are apt for the period. The same goes with their interior design elements, including lighting and flooring.

3. Remodel. Restorations or renovations don’t involve extensive structural work; remodeling projects do. For instance, a kitchen remodel would likely involve a complete tear-out of all components, from floor to ceiling. There will be significant update of structural items and those that are failing will be replaced. Since remodeling is a major investment, make sure that your contractor can provide the quality, turnkey service you need.

Total Construction Services is the contractor that homeowners trust for their renovation, restoration and remodeling projects in Nebraska. With our expert team and range of services, we’ll make sure that your project goes off without a hitch. Fill out our form today for a free estimate.