Roof Repair and Replacement: Know the Difference

The decision to either repair or replace your roof can be one of the most difficult ones you’ll ever have to make regarding your home. Because both entail plenty of cash and effort, you will want to make the right choice right off the bat. Therefore, you need to ask yourself: will a repair get me several years further down the road before my roof calls for a replacement? Or would a roof replacement be wiser and more cost-effective in the long run?

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Experts in roofing in Omaha, NE from Total Construction Services help you reach the best conclusion by showing you the difference between a repair and a replacement.


Repairs are recommended for minor or localized problems. If, for instance, you have spotted water damage on your walls and find that the leaks on your roofing have not yet wreaked havoc to the entire structure, then go for a repair. Roofing problems do not always require help from experts in home construction in Lincoln, NE; there are problems that you can solve yourself, especially if these involve simple patching or caulking.


The decision to either repair or replace your system almost always depends on the material. With slate and tile, replacement is almost never the best option. There is a bigger chance that an extensive repair is a smarter investment if your slate or tile roof is not more than 70 years old. Also, if your wood roof has fallen into disrepair or has been damaged enough to warrant extensive work, your best bet might be replacement with a different material.

If you still need help deciding whether you need a repair or a replacement, don’t hesitate to seek sdvice from our experts. Working with Total Construction Services warrants you an honest assessment of your roof’s condition and straightforward advice for either replacement or repair. Call us today at (402) 572-7457 to get a free estimate.