Mold problem? Don’t Wait. Seek a Professional Solution.

Mold can happen anywhere in your home—just add water. With nearly 100,000 varieties, it’s no wonder homeowners might find it colonizing on wallboards, in vents, behind air conditioning units, around windows and roofs that leak, or under any carpeting that may have become wet. But when treated effectively, this notoriously resilient, airborne-prone fungus can be eradicated, and your home can be quickly restored to clean air, clean walls and even a cleaner bill of health for your lungs.

What causes mold?

Any damage to your home where moisture has infiltrated can lead to mold. Think of it like this: Plants only need moisture and sunlight, and mold only needs moisture and cellulose—a substance commonly found in many building materials. Obviously, wetter seasons of the year see greater occurrences of mold.

Is mold threatening?

Not always—certain molds help to age cheese to perfection—but the types of mold that grow within your home pose a risk and should not be taken lightly. If you spot any blemishes or large patches that are usually darker green to blackish in color, contact a mold remediation professional immediately to get an assessment. It’s also important to never disturb any mold growth visible on your home’s infrastructure, and never trust any DIY mold removal kits on the market, which often prove ineffective. Mold contains spores that can go airborne and, in some cases, cause respiratory health problems for a building’s residents. That’s why it’s important to address it right.

The best option is prevention.

A certified, independent contractor is usually your best bet for not just mold remediation, but also inspection and prevention before it happens. With water being a main ingredient for mold to occur, it’s smart to hire a water damage expert to provide the repairs or preventive consultation needed to help keep your home at its healthiest.

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