Flooded basement? Water damage? What to do.

If you’re experiencing a flooded basement or intrusive water of any sort, you’re not alone. It can happen for any variety of reasons—whether it’s torrential downpours, broken gutters, leaky windows, foundational damage, burst pipes or countless other issues. Here are just a few pieces of information that can help you get back to normal.

Don’t underestimate water damage.

While you can address minor cases of water damage yourself, unwanted water often requires professional attention. Standing water is among the most obvious and extreme cases of a water damage emergency, which can pose an electrical shock hazard if you set foot in it. Steer clear of standing water and, in this case, call a water damage professional—namely, a qualified construction contractor. Why? Because they’ll not only absolve your water damage issues with the proper equipment and experience, but they’ll do it safely while locating the exact sources of the issue.

That’s not all. They can also help identify any threats of mold or mildew—a potential health and respiratory hazard—and inform you how to best prevent leaks in the future. Remember: merely removing water is addressing the issue on a surface level. Nothing beats a professional when it comes to thoroughly restoring your home to normal.

Don’t just make an insurance claim—make inquiries.

When you talk to your insurance provider, ask them about a list of preferred vendors. This can help weed out subpar contractors and ensure you’re receiving a premium list of professionals. Also, ask for contractors who carry an in-house insurance claims division, which can hasten the process and ensure that you’re receiving the most reasonable rates.

Don’t worry.

Water damage happens all the time—especially during years with higher rain volumes. By knowing how to ask the right questions and how to search for the best contractor, you’ll replace your anxieties with answers.

For professional water damage repair or mold remediation, you can always call the experts serving the Omaha Metro and beyond since 1987.

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