4 Tips on Protecting Your Trees & Landscaping During a Renovation

If you’re planning to renovate your home this season, you certainly don’t want your landscaping, garden and surrounding greenery to be negatively affected. After all, this aspect completes a beautiful home. Total Construction Services, your reliable general contractor in Des Moines, Iowa, shares tips on keeping your trees alive and healthy through the renovation process.

protect landscape

1. Identify the trees that might be affected during construction. This should include trees near the work area and ones that are within the path of construction vehicles. To avoid damage to trees and landscaping, it’s better to plan an alternate route through your property that your contractor will use during the project.

2. Coordinate with your contractor. Let your contractor know beforehand that the preservation of these trees and surrounding greenery is important to you. We can help you with technologies and methods that limit disturbance to these natural elements.

3. Read the local ordinances. There are regulations that are designed to protect trees during a building project. These same ordinances also set strict requirements on the type of fence and signage that should be used. For a smooth and worry-free project, be sure to comply with these rules.

4. Make a clear pathway. You don’t want trucks or heavy machinery driving too close to trees and landscaping. Putting up a fence with a clear sign can help with this. You should also cut back low-hanging branches; if these catch on passing vehicles, they may create a rough break that leaves the tree vulnerable to disease. In addition, trimming branches allows your construction company in Lincoln, NE, to get to and from your property more easily.

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