4 Simple Tips on Preparing your Home for a Remodel

If you’re planning to invest in a remodeling project this season, be sure to cover all the bases. Careful preparation ensures that the project will run smoothly from start to finish. How do you start, though?


Let Total Construction Services, a trusted general contractor in Des Moines, Iowa, help you prepare your home with these handy tips.

1. Research thoroughly. Home remodeling can be overwhelming, but you can make it easier with a bit of homework. Start with your choice of contractors. Be sure to hire a contractor that’s an established business in your area. A simple Internet search can help you confirm that they have an existing business address, phone, email and website. Looking them up on Better Business Bureau to check reviews and ratings will also help.

2. Protect your home from the mess. Before starting your project, consider how you can better protect your belongings from a considerable amount of mess. Cover exposed furniture, bedding and clothing to protect it from dust. Remove fragile items, including light fixtures, paintings, books and decorative items, that might get knocked off walls.

3. Establish a budget. Because you and your contractor might encounter unexpected expenses along the way, factor in extra money as a cushion. In the event of surprise expenses, you will have peace of mind knowing you have something set aside to deal with them.

4. Prepare your family. Discuss with your family members the mess, noise and foot traffic that are a part of remodeling. This allows you to make appropriate changes to your daily routine, ensuring a smoother and more stress-free experience. It’s also a good idea to inform your neighbors about the upcoming project, so that they can make their own preparations.

Total Construction Services is the premier remodeling and construction company in Lincoln, NE, that homeowners trust for their home improvement needs. With our high-end products and professional team, we’ll make sure that your project goes smoothly. Fill out our form today to request a free estimate.