4 Essentials You Should Ask About Before Starting a Home Remodel

Whether you need to install newer and better windows or upgrade your kitchen, a home remodel takes considerable time and money. That’s why you should understand some basics before you start with your project. One of these is hiring a reliable contractor to ensure that the process runs smoothly.


As you start planning for a home remodel, be sure to consult your contractor. Total Construction Services, the expert in residential construction in Des Moines, IA, shares the four things you need to consider prior to a home remodel.

1. What’s our project schedule? A home remodeling project will be simpler if it has a set schedule. This doesn’t just refer to a start and end date. A clear outline of tasks and timing will provide you a better view of the project’s sequencing and deadlines. Coordinating with your home improvement contractor on the schedule keeps things on track.

2. How will you protect my home and belongings? This should include dust-containment measures, a cordoned-off work area for safer movement inside the home, and removal of items that might sustain damage during the remodel. As the premier name in residential and commercial construction in Lincoln, NE, we’ll be sure to protect your belongings and keep mess to a minimum during your project.

3. Who will work on the project every day? Ask your contractor about who will be responsible for the daily on-site work. You can also ask who will supervise, and who to call on when you want to clarify questions about the project.

4. How will I reach you? A great contractor should provide you with regular, accurate updates about the remodel’s progress. Tell them how you prefer to keep in touch, while making an agreement on a schedule for communication. Touch base at least once a week.

When in need of a trusted remodeling company to work on your home, turn to Total Construction Services. We’ll make sure that your project goes off without a hitch with our professional team and high-end products. We can also guide you through the process of insurance claims in Omaha, NE, if needed. Fill out our form today to request a free estimate.