Winter: A Smart Time to Remodel Your Omaha Home

All Omaha homeowners have a few remodeling ideas they like to ponder—whether it’s a new kitchen remodel, adding that dream space to the living room or adding a new roof—but what they fail to realize is that winter is the perfect time to get it done. Here’s why.

You’ll snag discounts.

Obviously, spring and summer see the heaviest demands for Omaha home remodels. But in the winter, that demand suddenly drops. Lower demand could mean a slightly lower price for you. Winter is a wise window of time to take advantage of—and your chance to finally make that dream project a reality. Some homeowners are known to schedule remodels during their winter vacations so they can return to a newly upgraded home.

You’ll get it done faster.

Winter is the slow season for Omaha roofing and remodeling contractors. If you remodel along with everyone else in the warmer months, you could be placed on a waiting list or have a tougher time seizing your contractor when schedules are at their busiest. But during the calm, hunker-down months of winter, you’ll enjoy a more-frequent access to contractors that feels more akin to VIP status. Enjoy.

It’s 2014.

Modern Omaha remodeling contractors also have the technology and capacity to do their job any time of year. They carry specialized equipment that eliminates dust during a remodel—even when windows must stay shut during the winter—and they know how to better temperature-regulate a home during the cold months if a wall must be cut out. Contractors, and the technology they use, have come a long way. To think that winter is a no-remodel period is a now-obsolete belief.

Now that you’re privy to this information, stop waiting on that long-awaited remodel! Now that winter is here, contact a certified construction contractor and Omaha roofing contractor to discuss making your dreams a reality.

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Choosing a career? Skilled labor salaries are through the roof.

Carpenters. Welders. Electricians. Bricklayers. Drywall Installers. Across the board, careers in skilled labor are seeing massive salary growth as demand for these types of trades is skyrocketing.

The reason for this? Across many markets, there’s a shortage of skilled laborers—a gap that desperately needs filling. In fact, those who complete training, certification programs, or appropriate degree programs are now enjoying job placement rates around 90%. More than ever, the construction industry needs skilled professionals.

What you can do.

With skilled construction jobs booming, the research is everywhere. Contact a solid construction contractor for information, guidance or even possible assistance with your training. Contact a local trade school or technical institute. Converse with family. Just whatever you do, don’t overlook a great opportunity and a rewarding career path.

Total Construction is a two-time recipient of the Omaha Better Business Bureau Integrity award. We continue to hire the best craftspeople while serving the finest customers in the Metro since 1987.

Why Insurance Companies choose Total Construction among their elite

Insurance industry veterans don’t choose lightly the construction contractors they keep on hand. After all, representatives only want to connect their customers with top-notch providers with a proven history of dependability and leadership. That’s why Total Construction is proud to be a longtime contractor with several major insurance providers.

We work with adjusters

In addition to our in-house Insurance Claim Center, Total Construction has worked directly with insurance companies for decades. We serve as an experienced liaison between adjuster and customer. We work closely with insurance providers to ensure the most accurate estimates, prevent any discrepancies between parties, and eliminate needless delays—thereby making the process simpler for everyone. It’s a combination of knowing what customers need, knowing the right materials to complete the job, and even knowing how to open more options if necessary.

Award-winning service

In our constant efforts to satisfy the needs of property owners and insurance providers alike, Total Construction is honored to have received the Better Business Bureau 2014 Integrity Award—marking the 2nd time we’ve been awarded this distinction. We’ll continue to build our reputation through our personalized service, expert team of craftsmen, and our above-and-beyond approach to every job. Check out the video below to learn more.

For excellent service that continues to build our reputation—and can build yours—call the experts serving the Omaha metro and beyond.

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Total Construction receives 2014 Better Bureau Integrity Award

Marking the second time they’ve receive such a prestigious honor, Total Construction is pleased to accept the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award for 2014. The award—ultimately determined by customers, employees, vendors and the community at large—reflects a remarkably high satisfaction rating across several categories.

Kevin Jackson accepts the 2014 BBB Integrity Award

For a business to earn BBB accreditation alone, it must:

  • Build Trust
  • Advertise Honestly
  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Transparent
  • Honor Promises
  • Be Responsive
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Embody Integrity

While many local companies demonstrate a record of quality and receive accreditation from the BBB, only a select few receive the Integrity Award.

Total Construction has provided roofing, remodeling and restoration services to home and business owners in the Metro and beyond since 1989. Those interested can read customer testimonials or learn more about the Nebraska Better Business Bureau.

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Pro tips to warm up your home for winter.

Winterize your home with useful tips from Total Construction

With the winter chill fast upon us, it’s the perfect time to be proactive and prep your home to save on your energy bills. While there are dozens of things you can do to get your home ready for winter, we’ve trimmed down the list to a few simple and highly effective steps.

Change your furnace filter. This simple action is cheap, quick and serves a double purpose: enabling a more efficient, cost-saving flow of air through your home, and filtering your home from airborne bacteria, mold, viruses and pollen. With your windows sealed tight during the cold months, the quality of your indoor air can make a vast difference. For best results, avoid fiberglass filters and seek electrostatic and HEPA filters.

Turn down your water heater and thermostat. Most water heaters are set to 140º F—an often-needless amount of heat that converts to steam you don’t use anyways. Lower your water heater to 120º to reduce your costs by as much as 10%. Want to lower energy bills even more? Lower your thermostat. For every degree you go down, you can save an additional 3% on your monthly heating. Bypass high thermostat temps by wearing your favorite sweater instead—and the results will show.

Tax credits are everywhere. You could enjoy federal tax credits up to 30% when you do things like upgrade your insulation, install energy-efficient windows, or install an energy-efficient furnace—just to name a few. Contact a construction contractor for further advice on special offers that you can utilize. You’ll also be insulating your wallet in the process.

Install storm doors and windows. A new storm door can increase energy efficiency by more than 40%. And storm windows are no different in their effectiveness against cold winds. As you know, poor-quality windows and doors can become a freeway for cold air, which zaps your heat efficiency. A contractor can tell you the best options available.

Insulate your water pipes. Wherever your water pipes are warm to the touch, insulation is likely needed. Insulating your pipes not only serves as a preventative measure for pipe bursts, but also reduces the cost you pay for hot water. Ask a local hardware store for pipe insulation that you can install yourself—quickly and painlessly. You can also receive federal tax credits in the process.

Find a solid contractor. When it comes to fortifying your home for winter, nobody helps to better prepare you, answer your questions, or audit the energy use of your home like a good construction contractor. In addition to serving homes in Omaha and surrounding areas for decades, Total Construction has received the 2015 Better Business Bureau Integrity Award. Whatever your needs, or your queries, we’re here to help.

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Flooded basement? Water damage? What to do.

If you’re experiencing a flooded basement or intrusive water of any sort, you’re not alone. It can happen for any variety of reasons—whether it’s torrential downpours, broken gutters, leaky windows, foundational damage, burst pipes or countless other issues. Here are just a few pieces of information that can help you get back to normal.

Don’t underestimate water damage.

While you can address minor cases of water damage yourself, unwanted water often requires professional attention. Standing water is among the most obvious and extreme cases of a water damage emergency, which can pose an electrical shock hazard if you set foot in it. Steer clear of standing water and, in this case, call a water damage professional—namely, a qualified construction contractor. Why? Because they’ll not only absolve your water damage issues with the proper equipment and experience, but they’ll do it safely while locating the exact sources of the issue.

That’s not all. They can also help identify any threats of mold or mildew—a potential health and respiratory hazard—and inform you how to best prevent leaks in the future. Remember: merely removing water is addressing the issue on a surface level. Nothing beats a professional when it comes to thoroughly restoring your home to normal.

Don’t just make an insurance claim—make inquiries.

When you talk to your insurance provider, ask them about a list of preferred vendors. This can help weed out subpar contractors and ensure you’re receiving a premium list of professionals. Also, ask for contractors who carry an in-house insurance claims division, which can hasten the process and ensure that you’re receiving the most reasonable rates.

Don’t worry.

Water damage happens all the time—especially during years with higher rain volumes. By knowing how to ask the right questions and how to search for the best contractor, you’ll replace your anxieties with answers.

For professional water damage repair or mold remediation, you can always call the experts serving the Omaha Metro and beyond since 1987.

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Is there mold in your household? Telltale signs and what to do.

While mold is especially prevalent in homes during the stormy season—and often dangerous to human health—it’s also a solution easily fixed once the problem is identified. The following are a few quick tips to recognize mold and rid of it fast.

Bodily symptoms. If you’re suffering from allergies, there’s a chance mold is growing somewhere in your home. Whether you’re experiencing sore eyes, sneezing, runny nose or most of all, a spike in your allergies while you’re at home, it’s time to call a mold remediation expert.

Visible signs. While most people can spot mold with their eyes, they can just as easily overlook it, too. Don’t just ignore small growths that may appear as harmless marks of soot or dirt. This could be a sign of a mold growth in your infrastructure and it’s important to take action immediately. Also take note of any discoloration on walls, ceilings and floors, which could hint that mold is dwelling underneath.

Suspicious odor. You know that musty smell that you associate with mold? Well, if you detect it, it’s probably a positive indicator. Don’t dismiss it.

Water problems. With our especially torrential rain season this year running through September, always remember that water is the mother of mold. If you’ve had water problems in the house—whether recently or with past leaks or floods—it’s a fairly good sign you could have mold. Even internal house leaks caused by faulty pipes, for example, oftentimes lead to mold. It’s simple. When water dwells in the house where it should not, so can mold.

What to do next.

If you have mold, it’s time to get bold. Contact a mold remediation expert immediately—even if you’re uncertain. They can help to better detect mold, utilize the right equipment for the job, and remove it fast so your home is restored to a clean bill of health.

For professional mold remediation or water damage repair, you can always call the experts serving the Omaha Metro and beyond since 1987.

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Looking for a great Contractor? Seek a Preferred Insurance Vendor.

Whether your home has incurred storm or hail damage, fire damage, water damage or otherwise, you’ll need two professional parties to assist you: your insurance company and, of course, a construction contractor. The good news is, you can kill two birds with one stone by asking your insurance about a Preferred Insurance Vendor—that is, an experienced Construction Contractor who’s on their VIP list for providing dependable service again and again.

Preferred means Progress.

Working with a contractor who has a preferred relationship with your insurance ensures a quick response for the policyholder and the best possible service in the least amount of time. Why? A preferred vendor doesn’t make the cut by being mediocre. They have to earn such a status. It’s proof that they offer a professional level of efficiency and a full scope of work that’s essential in the claims process. For example, a few telltale traits of a preferred vendor may include:

• An in-house Insurance Claims Division, which lends even more speed and experience to getting the job done at the right price.
• HAAG-certified Roof Inspection capabilities, which means the contractor can assist your adjuster in identifying the right building materials and help you avoid unnecessary costs.
• Many years of estimating experience and close collaboration with adjusters, engineers, architects, building inspectors—the entire array of professionals—to keep all processes smooth.
• A sound warranty to back up its claim of quality work.

Of course, these are just a few benefits of a preferred vendor—in addition to the obvious perk of saving you time trying to hunt down a good contractor.

Remember, like all businesses, insurance companies are also interested in customer retention. And that’s why they won’t waste everyone’s time by suggesting a subpar contractor.

Total Construction has served the Midwest since 1987 with quality repair, restoration and remodeling. We’ve worked with several well-known insurance providers and continually win awards for our level of service. And that’s why customers prefer us, too.

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Total Construction gives WWII vet special treatment with roof

While nothing compares to the great sacrifices our vets have made for our country, the least we can do at Total Construction is provide a minor sacrifice of our own. Take Ted Williams, for example-a WWII Marine Corps veteran and Harlan, IA resident, who needed roof repair in the aftermath of recent hailstorms.

He not only deserved a good new roof, but some special treatment to go with it.

The latest effort in Total Construction’s mission to assist veterans throughout the Midwest, our first step was to provide Mr. Williams with GAF roofing products. These high-end products can only be installed by North America’s top 3% of roofing contractors–a ranking that was hard earned by our company.

Our second step? Gift him with a rebate of $250 and a long-lasting roof warranty.

This is not only a heartfelt thank you for Mr. Williams’ military service, but also a token of our partnership with the GAF’s Roof for Troops promotion, which provides enhanced products and benefits to all veterans and service members, active and non-active, of all branches.

To further lend support to those who have served, Total Construction is also an accepted builder for the VA Home Loan Guaranty Program, which secures further benefits and financial backing to make home ownership more accessible for our servicemen and women.

Ted WIlliams received a new roof with some well-deserved benefits

Total Construction Services would like to thank Mr. Williams for his service to our great nation, so we can enjoy our freedom. At the very least, he should be able to enjoy a sound roof over his home. The same goes for any veterans in need.

If you’re a veteran looking to have questions answered about your home–as well as any homeowner in search of repair from storm damage, hail damage or otherwise–call the experts serving the Midwest since 1987.

To those who serve and have served, thank you.

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Basement flooding and mold: what you should know.

Given this season’s torrential rains, a majority of homeowners in the Midwest have experienced water in their basements—which also leads to a buildup of mold resulting from the moisture. Thankfully there’s no reason to be concerned if you know what to do. Whether you have obvious sightings of mold or you’re unsure and need a proper assessment, here are a few pieces of wisdom that will help you get back to normal—quickly.

Consult a water damage and mold remediation professional.

Mold is a notoriously resilient, airborne-prone fungus. That’s why it’s important to never disturb any mold growth visible on your home’s infrastructure, and never trust any DIY mold removal kits on the market, which often prove ineffective. In these cases, a professional is best instead of trying to tackle it yourself—namely, a full-service construction contractor who has experience with household mold and water damage repair.

An experienced professional will ensure you receive thorough mold remediation, from a knowledgeable expert that knows how to detect the presence of mold throughout your home and eradicate it using the proper equipment.

Above all, the best option is prevention.

Even if you’re unsure whether you have mold, or your home seems unaffected by this season’s downpours, remember: a professional can also offer a thorough inspection and preventive consultation to ensure that your home is free of unwarranted moisture. A mold-free home is a healthy one.

Unexpected water or mold in the home can lead to further problems. But thankfully, it’s also one of the fastest and easiest issues to alleviate in the hands of proper professionals.

For mold remediation and repair across Omaha, Papillion, La Vista and Bellevue, you can always call the experts serving the Metro since 1987.

Out with the mold, in with the new!

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